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Natural Habits is not about us.

It’s about our clients but here’s a little bit about who we are:


years of combined experience

Natural Habits was created by two people from different backgrounds with a common belief

We share a belief that we can improve outcomes for anybody transacting a product, service or an idea by helping them develop their communication skills.

Linda Barnes

With over 30 years of successful selling, sales management, sales mentoring and coaching, Linda has:

  • Coached sales teams to consistently triple their rate of successful outcomes
  • Developed and implemented sales documentation programs to track performance
  • Implemented creative buying skills programs for clients to establish mutually beneficial buyer-seller relationships
  • Established innovative selling and buying partnership programs and provided coaching to sales teams from multiple suppliers
  • Earned a reputation for integrity and thoroughness in her dealings with her many clients

David Mackenzie

Hailing from Australia and as comfortable in the wilds of the outback as he is in his city office, David has been a professional sales person, sales manager and sales, marketing and communications coach for over 35 years. He has:

  • Developed communication skills through public speaking, business and media presentations including feature roles in TV commercials, films and as a presenter for training and product information films
  • Authored and presented Sales training and Presentation skills training programs
  • Enhanced his personal business management skills by running his business consultancy practice for 17 years and as owner/manager of a boutique art gallery and café in south-east Queensland, Australia
  • As a young sales person, became the first person in his company to achieve $1M in sales of veterinary pharmaceutical products in 1 year

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