Connections Drive Sales

We believe in challenging accepted thinking about the sales process and empowering people to succeed.

The Natural Habits coaching platform harnesses the power of Preparation, Positioning and Presentation to maximise the meaningful contacts with customers, driving sales up and giving fulfilment and satisfaction to everyone.

Our platform is simple – anyone can be a great seller. Rather than using gimmicks, tricks or buzz words, we focus on building relationships using understanding, empathy and trust with customers to build loyalty, not just repeat business.

What you will discover:

  • Connections drive sales
  • How to open more sales
  • The importance of communication to share understanding of your message
  • The sales cycle using Preparation, Positioning and Presentation – the process never ends
  • The Customer Chart.  Where is your focus?
  • Understanding customer’s motivation points
  • The critical importance of “thoughtful questions and active listening”
  • The importance of authenticity – being yourself

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