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Natural Habits workshops are always entertaining and interactive, using many real world case studies from which to build knowledge and develop fresh skills.

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Linda Barnes, Co-founder

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Our Story

Natural Habits, LLC is a fresh new company, founded in Texas, USA in 2017, with the purpose of providing business communication and sales coaching to organizations seeking to improve the rate of successful outcomes from interactions with their prospects, clients and customers.

Everybody sells; Natural Habits helps everyone grow and achieve better results from their business communication and sales negotiations by giving them three easy to follow principals, which can be adopted by any personality type to develop a successful sales career. We don’t teach tricks or rely on catchy “buzz words”, slogans or acronyms. Our program builds on existing experience rather than replacing what has already be learned through experience or other training programs. Successful communication is the key.

Natural Habits arose from collaboration between two abundantly skilled professional business people with over 70 years combined experience.

  • Linda Barnes – 30 years as a professional sales person, sales manager and professional buyer in the telecommunications industry
  • David Mackenzie – 40 years as a professional sales person, sales manager and small business owner
  • Linda and David are both highly skilled and experienced presenters, trainers and public speakers